Pea Protein

Muscle gains compared to whey protein

  • In 2015 the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a study in which 161 males consumed 25 grams per day of either whey protein, pea protein or a placebo during a 12-week resistance training program. Based on bicep muscle thickness, pea protein was more effective than a placebo and as effective as whey protein in increasing muscle thickness. [Source]

Reduced blood pressure

  • In 2011 the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a 3-week, double-blind study of 7 volunteers which showed that pea protein reduced systolic blood pressure when compared to a placebo. Additionally, an 8-week animal trial showed that pea protein reduced blood pressure in rats with chronic kidney disease. [Source]

Appetite control and glycemic response

  • In 2012 The British Journal of Nutrition published a study which showed that 20 grams of pea protein taken before a meal suppressed pre- and post-meal blood glucose levels in healthy young males. [Source]
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