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  • In 2008 Nutrition Research published a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study including 17 volunteers which found that ornithine promoted fat metabolism and delayed fatigue during physical exercise. [Source]

Increased Growth hormone levels

  • In 2010 the Journal of Strength and Conditioning published a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 17 strength-trained athletes which found that, based on blood samples taken during and after exercise, arginine and ornithine supplementation significantly increased growth hormone and testosterone levels. [Source]

Enhanced wound healing

  • In 2002 The Journal of Surgical Research published an animal study which found that ornithine supplementation enhanced wound healing in mice. [Source]

hepatic encephalopathy

  • In 2009 the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology published a meta-analysis of 3 trials which found that L-ornithine-l-aspartate benefited patients with overt hepatic encephalopathy. [Source]

Stress reduction and improved sleep

  • In 2014 Nutrition Journal published a double-blind study in which 52 adults with slight stress and fatigue received either a placebo or 400 mg/day L-ornithine for 8 weeks. Blood tests showed a significant reduction in the stress hormone, cortisol compared to the control group. Participants in the ornithine group also experienced improved sleep and reduced anger. [Source]

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