Dry skin In 2002 Acta dermato Venereologica published a double-blind study in which 197 patients with atopic dermatitis were treated for 30 days with either a 20 percent glycerin cream, a cream base with no active ingredient or a cream with 4 percent urea and 4 percent sodium chloride. While the glycerin

Hormones in Dairy

Potential Risks In 2015 the Iranian Journal of Public Health published a review of available research on the effects of hormones in dairy foods on human health. The data suggested that the presence of hormones on dairy products could be an important risk factor for various cancers in humans. [Source]


Toxicity In 2011 Monographs in oral Science published a review which stated that serious toxicity and fatalities due to fluoride toxicity are rare now but overexposure leading to toxic symptoms are not rare – over 30,000 calls are made to poison control centers every year concerning acute fluoride exposure in

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