Sugar Intake

ADHD In 2011 Nutrition Research and Practice published a study of 107 students examining the relationship between sugar intake and the development of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in fifth grade students. The researchers found that low consumption of sugar from fruit sources or low intake of vitamin C is associated with ADHD. [Source]

Sedentary Behavior

Depression In 2015 the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a meta-analysis including 24 studies and a total of 193,166 patients which found a that sedentary behavior is associated with an increased risk of depression. [Source] ADHD In 2015 the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology published a 12-week study involving 202 children which found that

Fast Food

Depression In 2012 Public Health Nutrition published a study based on 8,964 participants which found a greater risk of depression was associated with higher levels of fast food consumption. [Source] In 2016 Maternal and Child Health Journal published a study involving 332 subjects which found that fast food intake was linked to depression in overweight, pregnant


General Health In 1996 the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a study based on the walking habits of 1,645 older adults, which found that walking more than 4 hours per week was associated with a significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in both men and women when compared

Water Intake and Dehydration

Kidney Disease In 2013 the American Journal of Nephrology published a study based on a national health survey of 3,427 adults which found that chronic kidney disease was highest among individuals with the lowest water intake. [Source] Anti-obesity In 2010 Nutrition Reviews published a review of scientific literature which found


Mortality and Heart Disease In 2013 the Public Library of Science published a meta-analysis of 6 studies involving data from 595,086 adults and 29,162 deaths which showed that individuals who sat 10 hours per day had an estimated 34 percent higher mortality risk. The researchers also found that engaging in


Exercise recovery In 2015 Springerplus published a study involving 10 physically active male volunteers which found that 30 minute sessions in a far-infrared sauna appeared to improve intramuscular recovery after maximal endurance exercise. [Source] Allergies In 2013 the Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology published a study in which


Premature grey hair In 2013 Indian Dermatology Online Journal published an associative study based on 207 participants which found that smokers were two and a half times more likely to develop premature gray hair (before the age of 30) compared to non smokers. [Source] Red Wine In 2004 American Heart


Stress and anxiety reduction In 2014 JAMA Internal Medicine published an analysis of 47 trials involving 3,320 participants which showed meditation can result in small to moderate reductions in psychological distress. [Source] In 2014 the Clinical Journal of Psychiatry published a trial in which 93 patients suffering from generalized anxiety

Isolation Tank

Reduced stress, anxiety and depression In 2014 BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine published a study in which 65 participants were either assigned to a wait list (control group) or a 7-week program consisting of 12 flotation sessions. Questionnaires showed that those in the flotation group had significant decreases in stress,

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