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Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Psoriasis In 2013 JAMA Dermatology published a study in which 60 overweight patients with psoriasis were assigned to a control group or a low-calorie diet (800-1000 kcal/d) for 8 weeks, followed by 8 weeks of reintroduction of normal food intake. The low-calorie group experienced clinical improvements in psoriasis compared to the control group. [Source]


Hydration – Improved mood In 2014 the Public Library of Science published a study in which 22 individuals with high water intake (2.5 L/day) reduced their intake to 1 L/day and 30 participants with low water intake (1 L/day) increased their consumption to 2.5 L/day. The result was a decrease in happiness,

Immune Function

Ginseng – Chemotherapy In 2012 the Journal of Ginseng Research published a study involving 30 children who were treated for leukemia and solid cancer with chemotherapy or stem cell transplantation. Compared to a control group of 11 patients, 19 patients who received Korean red ginseng for one year saw a more rapid


General Health In 1996 the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a study based on the walking habits of 1,645 older adults, which found that walking more than 4 hours per week was associated with a significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in both men and women when compared

Water Intake and Dehydration

Kidney Disease In 2013 the American Journal of Nephrology published a study based on a national health survey of 3,427 adults which found that chronic kidney disease was highest among individuals with the lowest water intake. [Source] Anti-obesity In 2010 Nutrition Reviews published a review of scientific literature which found


Impaired wound healing In 2009 the Journal of Psychosomatic Research published a review of 17 studies – all of which reported that psychological stress was associated with impaired wound healing. [Source] In 2003 Psychosomatic Medicine published a study of 47 patients undergoing surgery which found that greater perceived psychological stress

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