Sugar Intake

ADHD In 2011 Nutrition Research and Practice published a study of 107 students examining the relationship between sugar intake and the development of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder in fifth grade students. The researchers found that low consumption of sugar from fruit sources or low intake of vitamin C is associated with ADHD. [Source]


Atherosclerosis In 2010 the Journal of Science and Vitaminology published an animal study in which rabbits fed a high-cholesterol diet for 4 weeks which was then supplemented with 5 percent spirulina for an additional 8 weeks saw a remarkable 41 percent decrease in LDL (bad) cholesterol and an increase in HDL (good)

Fast Food

Depression In 2012 Public Health Nutrition published a study based on 8,964 participants which found a greater risk of depression was associated with higher levels of fast food consumption. [Source] In 2016 Maternal and Child Health Journal published a study involving 332 subjects which found that fast food intake was linked to depression in overweight, pregnant

Plant-Based Diet

Relieves Osteoarthritis In 2015 Arthritis published a study involving 37 patients with osteoarthritis. Eighteen of the patients were assigned to a control group (no treatment) and 19 patients were placed on a whole-food, plant-based diet. After 6 weeks the intervention group (plant-based diet) reported significantly greater improvements in energy, vitality

Seasonal Produce

Higher nutrient content In 2008 the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published a study which found that locally harvested, in-season (fall harvest) broccoli had nearly twice the vitamin C content of spring-harvested broccoli shipped from far distances. The seasonal shifts in vitamin C content are greater than the

Soybean Oil

Obesity In 2015 the Public Library of Science published an animal study which found that a diet high in soybean oil triggered the activation of genes involved in obesity, diabetes, inflammation and cancer in mice. Additionally, authors of the study noted that a diet high in soybean oil is more detrimental

Organic Meats

Health effects of organic meat In 2007 Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism published a study in which 6 overweight men were given either a fast food meal or a meal made with organic beef. Tests given at 30 minute intervals showed that LDL cholesterol decreased more with the organic beef

Organic Produce

Higher antioxidant and lower pesticide concentrations In 2014 The British Journal of Nutrition conducted a meta-analysis of 343 studies which analyzed differences between conventionally grown and organically grown foods. The data showed that antioxidant concentrations were substantially higher in organically grown crops while pesticide concentration was 4 times higher in


Antioxidant In 2009 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a study which found that, of 3 bee products examined; propolis, royal jelly and bee pollen, propolis was the most potent antioxidant. [Source]

Organic Milk

Phospholipid concentrations In 2015 the Journal of Dairy Science published a study based on test samples which found that, when compared to conventional milk, organic milk had significantly higher concentrations of phospolidids (fat-containing strictures vital for brain function). [Source] CLA Concentrations In 2016 The British Journal of Nutrition published a meta-analysis of

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