Fast Food


  • In 2012 Public Health Nutrition published a study based on 8,964 participants which found a greater risk of depression was associated with higher levels of fast food consumption. [Source]
  • In 2016 Maternal and Child Health Journal published a study involving 332 subjects which found that fast food intake was linked to depression in overweight, pregnant women. [Source]
  • In 2011 Preventative Medicine published a study based on a questionnaire of 626 women aged 45-54. The results showed, after adjusting for confounding factors, women with depressive symptoms had a 54 percentage greater chance of reporting higher fast food intake. [Source]


  • In 2015 Nutrients published a study which found a positive correlation between eczema and fast food intake in a sample of 3209 children aged 6-7 years. Additionally, eczema was inversely associated with consumption of fresh fruit 3 or more times weekly. [Source]
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